Great Rates

by Rocko English

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released July 4, 2017

Rocko English is:
Jack Yazgoor,
Casey Brock, and
Cameron Keyser.

Produced by Spencer Kindrick.

Artwork by Emmy Andrews.



all rights reserved


Rocko English Orlando, Florida

jack's the beat.

cam and casey play the stringz.

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Track Name: Nosebleeds
i spent the better half of this last year fucked out of my mind
but i've reduced my nosebleeds now to only the worst of times

i bled on you i bled on the bed
but i kept on working on moving my head

i was smearing it all over the place
it was on your torso and on my face
and its a perfect metaphor
for what i wanted to be doing because i've never done it before

but its my blood
on my sheets
and i'm the one who has to wash them later this week
and its still the perfect metaphor
cause they're still sitting there like i am
like i was before now i'm done
Track Name: Sweet Spot
you're a particle and a wave
my last match deep in a cave
and i don't know how to behave
when our hearts beat a rhythm

that makes the kids wanna dance
tastes like a raw romance
sells out in advance
but nobody listens

cause i
am fourteen billion years old
just light
stored in bonds between chemicals

sorry for the boring texts
sorry bout the lack of sex
sorry for whats coming next
but i can't see missing

someone who can never see
something that they wanna be
somewhere they have a need
but less talk more kissing

cause i
am fourteen billions years old
just light
stored in bonds between chemicals

she picks me up
just to throw me down
smile full of dirt
teeth left in the ground
for the worms to grow
all around my tongue
and stop all sound

so i put her down
just to pick her up
all her favorite films
straight revenge smut
for her friends to see
when i'm not around
to make a sound